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DASICON2013: From the Arab Spring to Democracy

The ‘Arab Spring’ heralded a series of upheavals and reforms in Middle East and North Africa, yet its contribution to building democracy in the region is varied and often ambiguous. Participants were invited to analyze the situation two years on: what changed in the region, what remained the same, and what did the Arab Spring mean for democracy building in other parts of the world? By connecting journalists, academics, and leading practitioners from both the public and private sectors, the conference provided a dynamic platform to further academic and professional discourse concerning the Arab Spring and democracy building. The speeches of our honored participants as well as the fruitful discussions of the conference helped to identify some of the key challenges in the transition process. We, furthermore, examined the idiosyncrasies and particularities of the regional actors and explored how the international community had and will continue to react to these events on the global level.

The conference was covered by the renowned Austrian radio broadcasting station Ö1. The online article can be found here.

We would like to stress our gratitude to all parties involved in making this event a success – in particular our sponsors, speakers and guests, who joined us for a very interesting and informative day.