DASICON2018 We need to talk about Europe! The European Union's Challenges & Opportunities Ahead.

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14th International DASI Conference

Diplomatic Academy

Introductory Remarks from Sebastian Kurz, Federal Chancellor of Austria


The Diplomatic Academy Students Initiative Conference (DASICON) is an annual international conference fully organised by current students of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. This conference gives students the opportunity to discuss current issues with high-profile speakers outside of a classroom setting while gaining valuable practical skills such as conference management.

In the second half of 2018, Austria will take up the presidency for the Council of the European Union (EU), with this in mind we would like to stimulate a discussion which adds a fresh perspective to EU related issues pertaining to political, cultural, economic and societal spheres. In total there will be five panels which will consider a range of the core threats and opportunities that the EU faces. Apart from debating the EU's role in the international system and its relations to its Eastern and Southern neighbours, panels will discuss the EU as a potential value community, as well as the media's portrayal of the EU and its crisis management (with particular reference to the ‘refugee crisis’). Lastly, we want to look ahead by questioning how Brexit and similar Eurosceptic movements will affect the Union and whether this could be used as a trigger for EU reforms. Each panel will consist of participants from a variety of backgrounds and different perspectives, led by a moderator who will facilitate the discussion.


If you missed the conference, you can still watch the five panel discussions on our Facebook page.
Another student committee at the Diplomatic Academy, the Polemics Team, also supported us with covering the conference live on social media (#DASICON2018) and wrote articles on the discussions. These are published on their website.

Furthermore, we have come up with a post-conference report which summarises the main findings of the panel discussions and includes pictures of the conference.

You can download the Post-Conference Report here.


Friday, 2nd of March

Saturday, 3rd of March

The conference brings together experts from academia, international organisations, media and the private sector to discuss relevant issues, affecting Europe and beyond. Our target audience consists not just of experts from various fields but also the interested public, especially young people, who should be inspired by new ideas and approaches addressed in the conference’s discussions. The event is free of charge for everyone and is instead fully financed by sponsors.