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InDesign Basics: Spell-Check your InDesign Document

tutorials , , InDesign Basics: Spell-Check your InDesign Document

In this Bitesize tutorial, you will learn how to spell-check your InDesign document.

  • How to set Spelling Preferences
  • Check spelling in your document
  • This tutorial covers spell-checking in InDesign. See here to learn how to word count.

Step 1: Set your Spelling Preferences

You can set Spelling Preferences before you begin working on a document, while you’re working, or once the document is complete. To ensure all future documents observe the same spelling rules, be sure to set your Preferences before you begin.

Go to Edit > Preferences > Spelling (Windows) or InDesign > Preferences > Spelling (Mac OS) in the top menu to open the Preferences window.

spelling preferences

You can tell InDesign to note any Misspellings (in accordance with your chosen Language Dictionary [Preferences > Dictionary]), Repeated Words, Uncapitalised Words and Uncapitalised Sentences.

You can also choose to enable Dynamic Spelling, which underlines potential spelling mistakes as you work.

spelling preferences

Step 2: Locate and Correct Spelling Errors

Go to Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling to view highlighted errors. The Check Spelling window will give you possible corrections for each error, and invite you to Change or Skip them. When you’re finished, click Done.